Monday, November 19, 2012

Successful Custom Molded Projects

What’s the biggest driver of a successful custom project?  I asked our technical sales manager, Mark Pelnar this question. 
“Excellent Communication,” he said emphatically.  “We listen to the project idea, then discuss how best to manage the project.  There are a lot of steps throughout the custom molding project process, such as understanding the product's complexity, handling material acquisition, improving engineering time, and thorough testing.  If you’ve got an open line of communication throughout these steps, the project can be completed in a few as 4 weeks.”  
What’s the craziest custom project you ever worked on? 
“An automotive fender project for sure,” replied Mark.  “There were 2 parts needed for the project, a lot of variances, and materials needed to be sourced from 8 suppliers. Although this project took longer than the average 6 week lead-time, the customer remained very satisfied with the quality custom molded Davies part delivered on-time.”
Do you have a challenge for Mark? Contact him at 800-554-9208 to get started on your custom molding project.

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