Monday, November 12, 2012

Custom Molding: Part 4 of 4 – Production

At Davies, we understand that quality and on-time delivery are essential to your business. We’ll provide you with a first class product that will stay within your budget. After your product is finished, the service doesn’t stop there. We can ensure that parts can be ordered at any time, at any quantity you choose. We will continue to work with you to ensure that your product is continuously made with the quality and care that is needed for continued success. We can also accommodate other special needs such as packaging, finishing operations, and much more.

Another custom project is a control screen of a commercial boiler called a bezel. Formerly made using sheet metal material, this new design made out of injection molded ABS provides a multitude of benefits over the old metal bezel.  The main reason this part was converted to plastic was to provide a better appearance.  However, the new plastic part also provides improved product features such as rust-resistance, lower-cost, and improved durability.  Are you working on redesigning your product? If so, consider replacing your metal parts with custom molded plastic parts to improve your product's design, cost, and durability. Questions? Check out our custom website for more information.

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