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The Next Generation of Molders

At Davies Molding, we’ve been designing and manufacturing quality insert-molded knobs, handles, and custom components for over 80 years.  People are our greatest resource, so we’ve partnered with top engineering schools to develop the next generation of innovative thinkers.  Meet Janine Morency, our engineering intern from the University of Texas.  She’s learning hands-on technical and business skills at Davies Molding for a successful future career in manufacturing.  

Please provide a “getting to know you” statement: Where you are from, where you go to school, what you are studying, what is favorite class, etc.

I grew up in St. Charles, IL, and currently attend the University of Texas at Austin, where I’m studying Mechanical Engineering, along with a Business Foundations Certificate. So far, my favorite class was probably Thermodynamics. It was the first mechanical engineering specific class I took and my professor was by far the best teacher I’d ever had. It was both the hardest and most rewarding subject in my college career.

Why are you interested in manufacturing and engineering?

I’ve always liked building things and taking them apart, and throughout high school my advisor pushed me to look into engineering. It was the perfect fit for me. Mechanical Engineering is one of the broadest engineering degrees you can get, with nine tracks at the undergraduate level. Manufacturing is one of the three tracks I chose to look into, mostly because it gives me the biggest opportunity to see problem-solving on a daily basis.

Why did you pick Davies Molding for your internship?

A family friend mentioned looking into the company when I was applying for internships, and as soon as looked around the website I knew it’d be a great fit. I’ve previously taken classes in materials science and drafting, and I knew this opportunity could both help me pinpoint where I want to end up in the manufacturing industry and give me invaluable experience in an interesting field.

How has the internship helped your educational goals and interests?

This internship has provided me the chance to relate the theoretical concepts and ideas I’ve learned to the real world. For example, I’ve studied the difference between thermoset and thermoplastic polymers, but to see the difference in product and manufacturing processes has given me a unique perspective on the subject that I wouldn’t have otherwise had until after I graduated. Like most people, I learn better by seeing and doing things rather than reading it out of a textbook, and I believe this internship will help me greatly in future manufacturing and processing classes.

What surprised you about the internship?

How quickly I picked up on the layout of the machinery on the floor. My first day, I through it would be impossible to navigate around the facility, but by the end of the week I knew where everything was located. This was mostly due to the projects I was given that gave me an inside look at how the different departments and machines operated.

What advice would you give to other students considering an internship at Davies?

Be ready for just about anything! I’ve dabbled in a lot of different aspects in manufacturing that I didn’t even equate with the engineering process. Derran Smith, the president of Davies, also told me to be ready to learn more about plastic knobs than I ever knew existed, and I didn’t realize how right he was. There is so much variation and involvement in the process from beginning to end that can’t be covered in a class or lecture.  Bust most importantly, have fun and learn as much as you can!

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