Thursday, June 13, 2013

More than Just a Puck

The Stanley Cup Finals are underway, with Boston's Bruins battling our beloved Chicago Blackhawks for the right to the best show and tell item ever. This past year, like most years in Chicago, was characterized by fans eagerly awaiting the beginning of a new season, being disappointed by dismal early-season results and the inevitable realization that the Bears wouldn't make the playoffs, the White Sox/Cubs wouldn't either, and facing the awful truth that Derrick Rose would likely take more shots on a Little Tikes hoop with his baby son than in the United Center in a Bulls uniform.

 But we had the Black Hawks. From the very start, this team has been memorable, breath-taking. The 112th minute of last night's triple overtime win was as thrilling the first. It seems like everyone in Chicago is a fan now, many happily ignorant of the significance of blue lines, checks and icing, but eager to be part of the excitement.

 For us at Davies Molding, we can't help but be hockey fans because we’re surrounded by hockey reminders every single workday. Look at the pre-forms that become our knobs and handles - they look like pucks to us! Compression molding – thousands of pounds of pressure and hundreds of degrees of heat - turns these little blocks of plastic compounds into knobs, handles, dials and levers. We even do Hawks colors!

Pre-forms before compression

Finished ball knobs
So, put on your favorite hockey jersey. (Sorry, hockey experts, we mean sweater.) Find a comfortable chair and enjoy the games. But, when the ref drops the puck, don't forget, sometimes a puck is a lot more than just a puck! Go Hawks!

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