Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Davies Molding Celebrates 80 Years of Success - An interview with its President, Derran Smith

Davies Molding Manufacturer of Knobs, Handles, and Cases 80 Years
As Davies Molding LLC enters its eighth successful decade, President Derran Smith reflects on key issues and looks forward to a future that he believes is full of promise for the plastics molding company.

What distinguishes Davies in the industry?
[Derran Smith] Davies Molding has a very strong brand image for plastic knobs, handles and custom molded products in the marketplace.  However, it is also well positioned to service all of its customers’ plastics needs from creative generation, new product development, mold design, mold flow analysis, tooling build, first article sampling, etc..  Being one of the few molders that are efficient in Compression, Injection and Transfer molding, we offer a much wider range of custom molded services and materials to our customers.  Also, we provide an extensive array of secondary/finishing operations after molding such as drilling, tapping, laser engraving, branding, pad printing, chrome plating, etc…  – basically whatever our customers need.

How does an eighty year old company stay competitive and continue to be relevant to its customers?
[Derran Smith] We are determined to stay competitive and meet the plastics needs of our customers.  We benchmark ourselves not only against our competition but against best practices from leaders in other industries.  If there is an identified opportunity for improvement, we put a plan in place to achieve that goal.  Lastly, we evaluate our progress to make sure actions put in place are working.  The most important aspect in all this is listening to customer requests and responding to needs in the marketplace.  It certainly helps to have a well established and loyal customer base to draw ideas from.

What does Davies Molding want to achieve in the next 10 years?
[Derran Smith] Over the next several years, Davies Molding is positioned for growth.  We will continue to invest in new products and capital equipment to support the current line of knobs, handles and cases.  At the same time, we will be looking to vertical integrate either by internal growth or through acquisitions. 

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