Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Q&A with Scott Hill, Director of Manufacturing at Davies Molding

How many years have you worked at Davies Molding? [Scott Hill] 7 years
Prior to Davies how many years have you worked in manufacturing? [Scott Hill]  I started in the plastic field March 19th 1984. I first began as a tool room apprentice, then journey man mold maker and then into processing and management. I think the start as a mold maker really helped me understand what was really going on when a part was being produced. Right out of college I worked a year in casting before I eventually started my career in plastics.

What is the biggest challenge of molding plastic? [Scott Hill] Holding the tight tolerances and so many different materials available today

What is your favorite part to mold?  Least favorite?  [Scott Hill] I can’t really say I have a favorite or least favorite since I’ve been molding custom parts for so long. I can say that I have seen quite a few unique and challenging molds, materials and presses.

Briefly explain how the 2-shot soft touch molding works.  [Scott Hill] The mold is set up in a way that you can produce the substrate or base part with one shot while the over mold is being added with another shot. After the mold opens the press will eject the finished parts then rotates so another cycle can begin. One half of the mold is making the substrate while the other half of the mold is getting the over mold to complete the finished part.

What type of press is used?  [Scott Hill] There are many different manufactures for multiple shot presses. The obvious is that is must have a horizontal and vertical barrel. Many different materials can be used for the substrate or base and for the over mold as well.

What are the challenges of molding using the thermoplastic elastomer over mold?[Scott Hill]  The critical part is making sure the two materials you are using will adhere together.

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