Monday, November 5, 2012

Custom Molding: Part 2 of 4 – Design

No matter what your application, our engineering staff will help you create the exact look, feel, and dimensions of your ideal plastic part. Utilizing the latest CAD software, we can easily make changes to be sure the part will meet your specifications. Our engineers will lead the design into production by ensuring high quality molds and tools are created and that the production process develops the best custom molded part for your needs. 
Attached is an image of a custom molded water tank.  This part is used inside the steamer boxes of fast food steamers for food preparation.  During the design phase, our engineers made several changes to improve production productivity.  We used food grade nylon and a thermoplastic injection molding. Secondary operations include clamping inserts and roll pins. For more examples of Davies precision custom molding, check out our custom website.

Davies Molding

Davies Molding
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