Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Davies Engineering Expertise: Part 1of 4 – Our Engineering Advantage

Meet Nick DiOrio, one of our onsite industrial and tooling manufacturing engineer at Davies Molding.  An integral part of Davies Molding engineering expertise, Nick works to improve operational efficiency, which translates to shorter lead times for our customers.  Capacity studies by Nick and our engineering staff are also done to ensure maximum effectiveness throughout the manufacturing process.
At Davies molding, we have always had an engineering department to provide the best quality product and outstanding service.  Our entire engineering staff works with customers to create a custom knob or plastic part, or customize a standard part to their unique specifications.  The combination of engineering expertise, high quality manufacturing, and dedicated customer service staff make Davies Molding a strong strategic partner to our customers.   Click here for more information on our engineering advantage and areas of expertise.

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Davies Molding
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