Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Davies Molding, LLC to be featured on Manufacturing Marvels (tm)

Davies Molding, LLC is proud to participate in a 2 minute production called Manufacturing Marvels™, a weekday broadcast on the Fox Business Network.  The segment, hosted by John Criswell, will be aired on Monday, April 9th, 2012 at approx. 8:30 PM-8:40PM Central Time. Manufacturing Marvels™ spotlights leading American manufacturers, their products, and processes.

We are honored to participate in Manufacturing Marvels™.  Davies Molding was contacted by Marvel Production Group, LLC for participation because it is recognized as a leading manufacturer of plastic knobs, handles, cases & covers, and custom plastic components with particular specialty in insert molding through both injection and compression processes.  The production will highlight Davies Molding’s manufacturing capabilities, engineering, CAD design, and secondary/finishing capabilities such as laser engraving, drilling, tapping, assembly, pad printing, hot stamping, branding, bagging, and sand blasting to name a few.

The generic time slot on most TV listings will be from 8-9 on FBN.  We are expecting the actual broadcast between 8:30-8:40 PM.  Channels will vary due to content providers and geographical markets, but the local Comcast channels are 106 (Standard Definition) and 264 (High Definition).  So turn your dial and set your DVRs.

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