Monday, March 21, 2011

Thermoset As A Metal Alternative

Thermosets are a polymeric material that undergoes irreversible chemical changes when it is cured through heat, catalysts, or ultraviolet light: cross-linking prevents movement of molecular chains after curing. Once cured, the structure cannot be altered.

Common thermoset materials include:
§  Phenolics, also known as Bakelite
§  Diallyl Phthalates (DAP)                   
§  Epoxies
§  Polyesters
Thermoset plastics are well suited to demanding requirements because they have the capability to withstand heat and pressure for long periods of time without failure, they are impact resistant, and they have exceptional electrical insulating properties. Their dimensional stability, creep resistance, chemical resistance, stiffness, and high temperature capabilities make them the preferred material where reliable performance in adverse conditions is imperative and can be used as a cost-savings alternative for metals.

Phenolic and Polyesters are the two most commonly used materials for metal replacement. The ability to mold these materials into complex shapes makes them cost effective and also eliminates the need to machine features of a design which allows for closer tolerances. Dimensional stability of these materials guarantees that close tolerances can be controlled and repeated continually within ten-thousandths of an inch.

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